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Leather belt. Single Tongue. Saddle Tan


Please measure* and type in your actual waist (not pants size) measurement    (27"-50"/69cm-127cm)

* Take a measuring tape and wrap it around your waist where you tie the trouser or jeans. Measure the girth of your waist after inhaling and tucking the tummy in as you do not want the belt to be loose.

This leather belt is hand made from a 3.8 mm thick peace of local cow hide leather. The leather material is manufactured in a local tannery using the same methods and techniques that were used 100 years ago. Each belt is individually custom dyed with Fiebings professional oil dyes. Afterwards, the belt is waxed with palm leaf wax and beeswax. To protect against moisture it is finished using acrylic leather sheen. The roller buckle is solid brass and has an antique finish and lacquer protection.
The sign on the belt is the sign of Martin from Latvian folklore. Martin's sign is a symbol of light and fire. On dark winter days, the people are in great need of light and warmth. The sign of Martin reminds them of sparkling fire. This stylized sign depicts two cocks - messengers of light and is a derivative of the Jumis sign, the sign of Harvest. Combining the Jumis symbol marks the ends, and we obtain the sign of Martin. In winter, the life force is stored in the tree roots. This sign tells the story of the land’s forces in the spring that will be awakened together and will give prosperity to people.

Type: Single tongue
Color: Saddle tan
Buckle: Antique brass
Width: 1 1/2" (38mm)
Thickness: 0.149” (3.8mm)


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