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Longbow "Firebird" 2

The longbow "Firebird" is a classical V shape longbow. As its technical performance, balance, geometrical composition we can get out of a “Firebird” very fast, soft and precise arrow flight speed.The draw wieght is the constant while preparing the shot. It is designed and built to be an excellent bow for hunting and competitions. It fits WA, IFAA, EFAA and NFAS rules.

The longbow is made of composite and exotic wooden materials. The bow comes with maple or bamboo limbs and exotic wood veneers. It comes in 62-68” lengths. Optimal draw weight  on the 29” draw length longbow is about 66”. The bow comes with a bow string made of an Astro Flight material. Every bow is truly custom made by our crew member - bowyer and archer Mr. A. Vilister. Each bow is packaged and shipped in a special wooden box to ensure safe shipping and storage.

“Mr. Vilister has already captured the attention of about 20 archers at the local archer center here in Calgary. This bow is the talk around the shop. Please pass this on to him along with my thanks for his efforts in creating such a beautiful bow. 

The bow shoots very well. With the heavy draw it hurls the arrows with a tremendous amount of energy finished off with a very distinctive sound upon release that had many people turning their heads while we were all shooting.”

Jesse Lumsden, Athlete/Canadian Olympic Bobsledder


Longbow "Firebird" 2

Longbow length: 62" - 68"

Draw weight: 30 - 60 lbs

Draw length: 26" - 32"

Riser: Maple, Wenge

Limbs: Maple or Bamboo

Bow weight: 1.9 lbs (900 grams) 


Quantity (max. 2)  

Price: $1215/£997/€1155

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